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July 20, 2011

Will Social media replace the Old Traditions?

There is no doubt that Social Media is changing the way information and knowledge is shared in real time. Things are happening much faster, and innovations and improvements are literally every minute.

After reading my ebook “Social Media for Corporate Leaders” which is now available on slideshare and youtube too, I received an interesting comment from Furqan Qureshi, General Manager Wateen Telecoms;

“It is inherently pandemic, pervasively sporadic, questionably epidemic, definitely invasive on privacy, reflective of a street culture, if you bring the street culture, you lose the discipline in an organization. Social Media needs to be managed with discipline; its merits are less than its demerits for an enterprise.” 

That is his point of view and I respect it. However, Jeff Antaya, Chief Marketing Officer at Plante Moran is of the view that Social media is like a snowball rolling down the hill. It’s picking up speed. Five years from now, it’s going to be the standard.”

What a contrast! It’s like when cell phones were introduced, I heard several executives saying, “we have land-lines at our offices, we do not need an expensive piece of equipment and cellphone calls are just too expensive! That was late 90’s – now most of them carry two or three phones and have invested in Blackberries and smartphones! Do you remember how long did it take to convert from letters and telex to emails? But now it’s a norm to send emails for all sorts of communication!

Last week, I was discussing with few friends about the impact of social media on job search. There was consensus on the effectiveness of social media and the horizon it provides to both job seekers and employers, until I raised a question “will Linkedin become the sole source for head hunters in the near future and instead of job seekers sending out resume, will employers start contacting potential employees directly?”  – Shocking thought!

Following the fast changing trends, I feel, this is bound to happen. Linkedin is now over 100 million users and growing. The platform showcases the profile, skill sets, Education, achievements, intellect, exposure, core experience etc. A number of head hunters are already using it to track potential employees for their clients as it helps them target the right bunch of people. Linkein users who have well written profile and good references obviously have better chance to get attention from head hunters.

Also the fact is we all love technology and enjoy the whole social media scene, but truly speaking not everyone understands it completely. For example how many use facebook as a business tool?  Global trends are certainly changing, but with much slower pace in countries with low income level, hence in such countries, radical change might take much longer as compared to North America and Europe.

The truth is “if you fail to keep up with changing social media trends, you might be out of business soon!” In my views, the snowball is rolling, it is your choice either to become part of it, or just ignore and curse yourself after five years.

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